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Фарфоровые цветы и цветочные мотивы. 18-19 век.

 (699x514, 170Kb)

 (699x466, 110Kb)
Rush Porcelain

 (358x358, 36Kb)

Meissen porcelain manufactory.
 (584x699, 43Kb)
A Pair of Gilt-Bronze-Mounted Meissen Porcelain Candelabra
c. 1755
Porcelain, gilt-bronze mount, height 41 cm
Private collection
 (700x350, 95Kb)
Four Seasons Porcelain Candelabra by Samson & Sons-
 (356x358, 79Kb)
 (356x358, 77Kb)
Four magnificent porcelain two-light candelabra by Samson & Sons of Paris
Each figure sits on a Rococo-style doré bronze pedestal with branches forming the candelabras
 (356x358, 74Kb)
Pieces by Samson & Sons are considered collector's items today, and to find complete set is a rarity
Each figure features the Samson mark in blue under glaze
Circa 1860
 (550x410, 42Kb)
Meissen porcelain

 (448x358, 77Kb)
A highly ornamental pair of Old Paris porcelain vases crafted by Jacob Petit, celebrated ceramicist and one of the most significant producers of Rococo ornamental wares during the 1830s.
 (286x358, 70Kb) (286x358, 63Kb)
Cupid - The Heart Caught" is part of Meissen's Devisechildren series
Modeled by Michel-Victor Acier in 1775, it depicts Cupid holding a garland of flowers
 (569x591, 51Kb)
Meissen urn
Signature – Mark - Stamp : Yes
Technique : Modelled
Main material : Porcelain
Period of creation : 1860
 (286x358, 69Kb) (269x358, 94Kb)

 (448x358, 102Kb)
 (471x586, 59Kb)
 (700x525, 95Kb)
Place of origin:Meissen
 (450x600, 71Kb)
Place of origin:Meissen (made)
Date:ca. 1755-1760 (made)
Artist/Maker:Meissen porcelain factory (manufacturer)
Materials and Techniques:Hard-paste porcelain
 (699x466, 51Kb)
A pair of « brûle-parfums » in Vienna porcelain in the shape of a vase with flowers. The upper part, composed of a cassolette with two handles adorned with flowers and of a lid decorated with a multicolored bunch of flowers in relief, is resting on four leaves, with details painted in green and gold, in the center of which is the flowers painted burner. The lid is pierced for perfume. Circa 1750
 (699x569, 80Kb)
Place of origin:Chelsea (made)
Date:1758-1769 (made)
Artist/Maker:Chelsea Porcelain factory (maker)
Willems, Joseph (probably, modeller)
 (456x600, 56Kb)
Place of origin:London (made)
Date:1760-1765 (made)
Artist/Maker:Chelsea Porcelain factory (maker)
 (400x600, 29Kb)
Place of origin:France (made)
Date:ca. 1780-ca. 1800 (made)
Artist/Maker:Niderviller pottery and porcelain factory (probably, manufacturer)
Materials and Techniques:Hard-paste porcelain
 (400x600, 34Kb)
Pot-pourri vase
Place of origin:France (made)
Date:ca. 1740-ca. 1760 (made)
Artist/Maker:Saint-Cloud porcelain factory (manufacturer)
 (400x600, 45Kb)
Pot-pourri vase...
Saint-Cloud porcelai...
ca. 1745-ca. 1760
 (400x600, 34Kb)
Pot-pourri vase
Saint-Cloud porcelai...
ca. 1730-ca. 1750
 (400x600, 45Kb)
Jar and cover
Saint-Cloud porcelai...
ca. 1730s
 (699x466, 80Kb)
Basket and cover
Place of origin:France (made)
Date:ca. 1735 (made)
Artist/Maker:Saint-Cloud porcelain factory (manufacturer)
Materials and Techniques:Soft-paste porcelain with applied and enamelled decoration
 (448x358, 67Kb)
An irresistible pair of Old Paris porcelain vases by Jacob Petit, celebrated for his magnificent porcelain wares of superior quality and design. Signed 'J.P.' in underglaze blue. Circa 1840.
 (286x358, 51Kb)
Old Paris porcelain vase crafted by Jacob Petit, celebrated ceramicist and one of the most significant producers of Rococo ornamental wares during the 1830s. Encrusted with hand-painted flowers of great diversity and brilliant colors, along with gilt decoration, this vase reflects Petit's gift for blending neoclassical, Gothic, Rococo, and chinoiserie motifs with complex sculptural shapes and a lively and distinctive palette.
 (447x358, 81Kb) (460x358, 94Kb)

 (477x358, 54Kb)
Sphinx Paperweight by Meissen
 (477x358, 76Kb)
Circa 1890
 (508x358, 71Kb)
pair of Coalport porcelain flower-encrusted baskets. The baskets' interiors are hand-painted with flowers and gilding, the exteriors glazed in pink with gilt detailing. These exquisite baskets are a first-rate example of the Coalbrookdale style developed by Coalport in 1820, a revival of the splendid designs from the rococo era


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